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February 2011

Refurbishing Red Ruth continues apace, thanks to Falmouth Yacht Services and Sol Stainer.

Red Ruth out of the water in Falmouth.


In the meantime we have spent the last 2 weeks in South Africa visiting Lorraine's parents.

Whilst there we visited Durban to suss out the local marina and yacht clubs.

Unfortunately all was very quiet when we visited but the staff were very friendly, so we got some useful information about the clubs and marina.


Looks promising for a stay of between 3-6 months at the end of 2012. I was most impressed with SA and we can happily be tourists there.

We also visited the chandlers and were disappointed in their set up, although I am sure you can get most things if required. However Tony at Cruising Connections was most helpful, and we picked up local pilot guides, charts, courtesy flag and a book. The book has been written by Kevin Holmes, who farms near to Durban, and is the story of his trip from the Caribbean to Cape Town. ('The Seas My Solace'  Kevin Holmes: Publisher: Arrow Print ISBN 0-620-32095-8)

As you will see on the home page we have changed our intended itinerary, based on his passage plan and a review of the predominant ocean currents.

The information about the winds, tides and currents around South Africa and the capes makes it a daunting thought but with careful planning we are looking forward to it.

Johanne and Allan have also had a holiday, in the Dutch Antilles, staying in Curacao. From what they describe it certainly looks a destination worth visiting or even staying in on the return voyage. We're trying to persuade them to sail, en flotilla, to SA next year. Let's see!

North Africa, in the meantime, looks like it is erupting and would not be somewhere to visit possibly for the next few years. We had hoped to overwinter in Turkey but are starting to look at Malta, if we can get a response to the emails sent to the marinas!

Its now only just over 4 months until we set off for Falmouth, our deadline is now rushing towards us! Next target is to pass the Long Range Radio Cert exam, so I am off to Southampton to the course and exam in April with Allan. Not that there's lots to do in the meantime!

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